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Stitch n’ Bitch

**Warning! This is a Shamless Plug for the MU Women’s Center. I am currently employed there and it is the best place this side of the moon**



If you’ve never been to the Women’s Center on MU’s campus, you are missing out on a cultural hub feminism, activism and liberation for woman of all shapes, sizes, races, ethnicities, beliefs, backgrounds and sexuality. Its also a fun place to discover things about yourself that you may have never known. The Womens Center host several programs year round that bring women together and welcome fresh, new ideas. One of my favorites?


Stich n Bitch.


Outside of being a staple for most all feminist spaces (Most colleges/universities that have a student ran Womens Center have a Stitch n Bitch component which runs through the national StitchnBitch program), its an amazing craft space where you can crochet or knit anything you want. You can bring your own yarn and needles or you can use the large array provided a the WC, and from there, you grab a comfortable seat and stitch (and Bitch!) away.


You can make Scarves, gloves, hats, socks, blankets (anything!) and best of all, its sustainable because you made it. Don’t have a lot of money to spend on gifts this holiday season? Don’t want to spend an arm, leg and kidney on designer crocheted scarves? MAKE YOUR OWN. better yet, you can find really cool yarn colors in scrap bins at craft stores and make something unique and beautiful.


So go! Stich n Bitch!


Here on MU’s Campus, Stitch-n-Bitch meets every Wednesday at 6:00 in the Womens CenterĀ  (G108 Student Center)


*All photos courtesy of the MU Womens Center*

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