Meet your (Re)Stylists

Ethicist. Runway Addict. Manhattanite.

Jasmin: Currently a senior Magazine Journalism and International Studies dual major, I am very interested in studying mass culture and how it effects the way society makes decisions on what to wear, what to say, and who to admire. I have worked with several publications including Teen Vogue and ESPN Magazine and plan to find a happy medium merging ethics, culture and of course fashion into my writing when I begin my post-graduate career. Sustainability and ethical fashion practices have, over the last 4 years, become a special passion of mine and I hope to share some of my knowledge with readers as well as learn from them.

While I hail originally from Chicago, I hope to land somewhere where there’s a coast. I enjoy cooking, shopping, reading and pretending I’m Roger Ebert every time I watch a movie.

Fashionista. Thrifting Expert. Manhattanite.

Monica: I’m a born and bread chicagoan and future New Yorker. I attend the University of Missouri and am a Textile and Apparel Management major and business minor. While studying at the university, I’m interning as a fashion stylist for Inside Columbia magazine and have interned for Build-A-Bear headquarters in product development and visual merchandising. I also know the retail world both inside and out, working at Ann Taylor LOFT for the last 2 years and spending my free time exploring what the fashion world has to offer. I love a good deal, and I love to look fly, so for me, thrifting and being a smart fashionista is a MUST. I’m obsessed with accessories and my hope is that after you spend some time on our blog, you become (one of) the world’s most inspired thrifters (after me of course).

Aside from interning and school, I enjoy thirfting, cooking and re-watching every episode of golden girls!

Dana: I am a Textile and Apparel Management major with a business minor, graduating in May 2012 from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Since I started this program here, sustainability has been a main point of emphasis and has become a very pressing issue for me. Besides school, I am very passionate about my family, friends, potential career and sports.


2 thoughts on “Meet your (Re)Stylists

  1. ashle says:

    love this ladies! so proud of this! and wish you all bunches of success!

    • adrispence says:

      Hi Ashle! Thank you so much! I hope that you continue to find the articles interesting and send us any suggestions!


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