On The Up and Coming…But On The Budget

This Thanksgiving break was wonderful! I was able to spend time with family members and finally met two new additions to the family, my 2nd nephew (pictures coming soon) and Kami Strong.

Recently married into the family in May to a long time family friend, so yep she’s basically family =). I love meeting new people so naturally I love new additions to the family, there’s so much to learn from some new entering your life and boy did I learn a lot about Kami. 

Kami Strong

Aside from the fact that she is absolutely GORGEOUS! Standing at over 6’0 and still not afraid to rock heels, she’s beautiful on the inside and out, highly intelligent and intellectual, she’s a doctor fresh into the field.

That makes 2 in the family. *PERFECT FOR MY HYPOCHONDRIAC BEHAVIOR =) *

Above all of this she’s on her fly girl fashionista…but get this…on a budget! “I’m a bargain hunter trying to pay down school loans!” Yes even doctors, especially those just starting out in the field have to live on a tight budget, like many of us young professionals building our careers. However, I do think it’s something that we tend to forget in our race to the finish line that is undergraduate, graduate, medical, or law school.

Ask any college student or soon to be graduate student what they look forward to most after college and I’m sure it would go a little something like this…”I can not wait to get a real job because this college life living is just not for me anymore.”


College Life Living = Broke just about ALL the days of your little college life. 

We strive so hard to obtain that job and fashionistas across the globe are jumping for joy at the thought of a new wardrobe! (You know we look for any excuse to buy new clothing) But like always, everything can be done within reason. Depending on your job, your salary may provide you with a little more disposable income, the key is to remember to maximize your dollar and you’ll be able to maximize your wardrobe and “welcome gifts from giving mothers, my purse was gift from her and my watch which I’ve had for two years was also a gift.”

The majority of Kami’s clothing pieces are (Re)Cycled her earrings are 10 years old with the exception of her black suede booties which are a month old and were on sale for $75. Also on sale was her dress for $40 bucks! It definitely looked like it cost more.

Kami Strong


The most important thing to remember when building your personal and professional wardrobe…is to make the sale wall your best friend!

Come back next week and I’ll show you how color coordinating your wardrobe will not only offer you peace and sanity but also to help you in maximizing your wardrobe while gaining perspective on figuring out and understand your style better.

Your (Re)Stylist,





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