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Fly Girl Color Coordination


I finally did it.

I finally freaking did it!

I took on the biggest project that a woman could possibly ever complete.

Organized my closet. 

Oh and I don’t mean like let me just straight shirts, and re-folding some pieces here and there. No, I mean color coordination! Even though it was a hassle…a huge headache and though I questioned myself many times throughout this project…”Why in the hell did I decide to do this!”…I found it all to be worth it at the end.

Paris Hilton's closet. Well one of them.Photo courtesy of

I learned so much about my personal style and also about me, like for instance…I actually do have a form of patience. Who knew?! No but seriously, I learned so much more about my style. Like for instance, I have a strange love for cream and ivory colored clothing…anything. I also seem to love prints…very, very, very interesting prints.

I also was able to see areas that I might want to add to, such as colors that aren’t…cream colored for instance. Or that I am in desperate need of more skirts, and dresses. I’ve really become a pants/jeans maniac.

Though the task can seem extremely daunting at first, I encourage you to do it. There is so much that one can learn about themselves and their personal style through a closet. However, I would suggest maybe having a good playlist in the background, and   a bottle of wine during break sessions.

*When I arrive home I’ll snap some photos of my own closet and post them later!*

Until the next post,

Take care fashionista’s,

Monica, your (Re)Stylist

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Love Lasts Forever

For the love of fashion.


Ever been in love? Me too. Ever loved something in your closet so much that you thought you couldn’t be without it. Me too.


It's not the same sweater but it's very similar and retails for about $60. (Courtesy of Google/A&F)

Case and point.


My Abercrombie and Fitch sweater vest, circa 2008.


I bought the vest my senior year of high school and it quickly became a staple in my wardrobe. Imagine an oversized cable knit men’s sweater vest with large tortoise shell buttons and large pockets.  Gorgeous right?


Well of course, while Abercrombie’s brand tends to be very well made and last long (this may be why they remain #1 on the retail indexes both online and in-store), nothing last forever. At least that’s what I thought.


BCBG Dress/Courtesy of BCBG Max Azaria

Over the years, the pockets in the front began to weaken and the lining couldn’t hold it up any longer. I thought this was the end. Then my mother fixed it up for me (I can’t sew) and that problem was solved. Then I retired it away for a while, thinking it wasn’t in style. Lucky for me, big thick knits came back in season this season and I was able to bring it back out, only to find out that it seemed to fit me oddly. I was worried.


Last week, I bought a BCBG Max Azaria sweater dress and to dress it down, I thought “why not layer it?” What ensued was one of the best pairings I’ve made in a long time.





What I concluded, then, is that you should never give up on anything. Love. Or your favorite sweater.

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On The Up and Coming…But On The Budget

This Thanksgiving break was wonderful! I was able to spend time with family members and finally met two new additions to the family, my 2nd nephew (pictures coming soon) and Kami Strong.

Recently married into the family in May to a long time family friend, so yep she’s basically family =). I love meeting new people so naturally I love new additions to the family, there’s so much to learn from some new entering your life and boy did I learn a lot about Kami. 

Kami Strong

Aside from the fact that she is absolutely GORGEOUS! Standing at over 6’0 and still not afraid to rock heels, she’s beautiful on the inside and out, highly intelligent and intellectual, she’s a doctor fresh into the field.

That makes 2 in the family. *PERFECT FOR MY HYPOCHONDRIAC BEHAVIOR =) *

Above all of this she’s on her fly girl fashionista…but get this…on a budget! “I’m a bargain hunter trying to pay down school loans!” Yes even doctors, especially those just starting out in the field have to live on a tight budget, like many of us young professionals building our careers. However, I do think it’s something that we tend to forget in our race to the finish line that is undergraduate, graduate, medical, or law school.

Ask any college student or soon to be graduate student what they look forward to most after college and I’m sure it would go a little something like this…”I can not wait to get a real job because this college life living is just not for me anymore.”


College Life Living = Broke just about ALL the days of your little college life. 

We strive so hard to obtain that job and fashionistas across the globe are jumping for joy at the thought of a new wardrobe! (You know we look for any excuse to buy new clothing) But like always, everything can be done within reason. Depending on your job, your salary may provide you with a little more disposable income, the key is to remember to maximize your dollar and you’ll be able to maximize your wardrobe and “welcome gifts from giving mothers, my purse was gift from her and my watch which I’ve had for two years was also a gift.”

The majority of Kami’s clothing pieces are (Re)Cycled her earrings are 10 years old with the exception of her black suede booties which are a month old and were on sale for $75. Also on sale was her dress for $40 bucks! It definitely looked like it cost more.

Kami Strong


The most important thing to remember when building your personal and professional wardrobe…is to make the sale wall your best friend!

Come back next week and I’ll show you how color coordinating your wardrobe will not only offer you peace and sanity but also to help you in maximizing your wardrobe while gaining perspective on figuring out and understand your style better.

Your (Re)Stylist,




Stitch n’ Bitch

**Warning! This is a Shamless Plug for the MU Women’s Center. I am currently employed there and it is the best place this side of the moon**



If you’ve never been to the Women’s Center on MU’s campus, you are missing out on a cultural hub feminism, activism and liberation for woman of all shapes, sizes, races, ethnicities, beliefs, backgrounds and sexuality. Its also a fun place to discover things about yourself that you may have never known. The Womens Center host several programs year round that bring women together and welcome fresh, new ideas. One of my favorites?


Stich n Bitch.


Outside of being a staple for most all feminist spaces (Most colleges/universities that have a student ran Womens Center have a Stitch n Bitch component which runs through the national StitchnBitch program), its an amazing craft space where you can crochet or knit anything you want. You can bring your own yarn and needles or you can use the large array provided a the WC, and from there, you grab a comfortable seat and stitch (and Bitch!) away.


You can make Scarves, gloves, hats, socks, blankets (anything!) and best of all, its sustainable because you made it. Don’t have a lot of money to spend on gifts this holiday season? Don’t want to spend an arm, leg and kidney on designer crocheted scarves? MAKE YOUR OWN. better yet, you can find really cool yarn colors in scrap bins at craft stores and make something unique and beautiful.


So go! Stich n Bitch!


Here on MU’s Campus, Stitch-n-Bitch meets every Wednesday at 6:00 in the Womens Center  (G108 Student Center)


*All photos courtesy of the MU Womens Center*

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