Drenched In Philosophy

About two years ago my little heart was fulfilled. What filled my little heart you ask? The introduction to philosophy products by Grandmother. (Thanks Gran!) For anyone who knows me they know I can be very random and eclectic which for some reason makes gift buying for me extremely difficult so I hear, and here I thought I was helping the gift buying process for friends and family.

This difficulty usually results in me receiving money for Birthdays, Christmas, and other celebratory events. However for my 20th birthday my grandmother decided to shake things up a bit. On my doorstep was a large box with a note attached from my grandmother that read…

“The Perfect Gift.”

When I opened the box I found another box with the word Philosophy written so simply and beautifully on the box. When I opened it I found an array of shower gels with the cutest names like Snicker Doodle, Strawberry Shortcake and the best part they had recipes on the back.

So yes Gran did find the perfect gift because A. I like to smell great (who doesn’t) and B. I love to bake. I also love the fact that the company strives to use natural elements when making their products. In doing so their shower gels work great for a luxurious bubble bath, a relaxing shower gel and wait for it….SHAMPOO AND CONDITION.



I use the line for everything, from body washes, perfumes and even down to skin care, you just can’t go wrong.

The holiday season is near us so I encourage you to share the beauty that is philosophy with another RANDOM and Eclectic friend or relative of yours. =)


Your (Re)Cyclist and (Re)Stylist




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