Pretty in Pink

If there is one thing that I love (besides a good thrift store) is a good sale and I am not talking about the 15% off or 20% off sales. I never really understood those sales promotions…I mean, thanks for saving me…tax? Personally I prefer the sales that look a little something like this…


I live for those days when I receive e-mail notifications from my favorite stores because truthfully speaking sometimes you just want something new but not with a huge price tag! Patience once again is the key! Just like thrifting when it comes to shopping the sale you have to be willing to dig. The end reward is amazing when you have a top that was once priced at $68 and is now down to $8 or pants that were once $54 and are now $12.99. (True Personal Story)

Spotted in Leopard

I’m also a fan of mixing sale items with my thrifting finds and so is Solida Wise, a soon to be graduate of the University of Missouri and a good friend of mine. I love how she mixed pieces found at Goodwill and items found on sale. I was especially jealous of the boots that were originally $110 and she only paid $40 bucks for.

“I am all about budgets but I like new pieces as well just not with the heavy price tag. So I shop sale racks pretty heavily or my friends closet which is where I got my necklace!” 

Most people think that if items are on sale they must be pieces that are going out of style or season, which is not always the truth. I always suggest to friends to take a quick glance at what’s seen on the runways during Fashion Week, pay attention to colors, silhouettes and prints and always remember to think classic and polished.

Pretty in Pink, fashionable for any Fall Day

Keeping this in mind and what you saw on the runway while shopping the sale racks will help you seek out those trendy pieces and look just as fabulous as Sonni on a Fall day.

Be sure to check back next week for style tips on dressing a curvy figure, I’ll show you how to hide the flaws and flaunt your best assets!

Your (Re)Stylist


Shopping Information: Boots, Journeys originally $110, sale price $40, Dark-Denim Jeans, Marshalls, $14.00, Sweater, Goodwill $4.00, Pink Jacket, Goodwill, $7.00, Scarf, Express, sale price $10, Purse, Goodwill, $3.00, Necklace, free thanks to a friend!



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