Go Green/Save Green

When we as consumers think of being sustainable, we think of buying products from companies who use green practices. Little do we know, there are a number of ways to be sustainable on our very own. Eco-fashion considers the long-term environmental and social impacts of what we wear each day. For most us, this means recycling. Instead of throwing away that t-shirt that was ruined in the washing machine, think of ways you could turn it into something else, for example cleaning rags or maybe a tote. Supporting the sustainable fashion movement is easy, and here are seven simple ways to get you started without even spending money!

  1. Wash your clothing in cold water: It takes more energy to heat the water you use to wash in hot water than in cold water.
  2. Line dry whenever possible: Line drying your clothes saves energy.
  3. Swap clothes with your friends: You already have most of each other’s clothing anyway, so why not? Organize a clothes swapping party with your friends allowing each other to browse through wardrobes to reinvent the clothing as well as yourselves.
  4. Shop your own wardrobe: Instead of buying brand new stuff each season, dig into your closet and find something you probably haven’t worn in a while. Spruce up an outfit with accessories or piece together something new.
  5. Donate to a thrift store: By donating clothing to a thrift store, you are contributing to the “closed loop” apparel cycle. The life of the clothing is extended because it will eventually be reused by someone else instead of ending up in a landfill.
  6. Experiment: There are millions of combinations within your wardrobe. Don’t limit yourself, use your favorite pieces to create a new look.
  7. Do it yourself: Learning to sew could be an intimidating task, but it is a skill that can be very beneficial. Being able to tailor your own clothing saves you money, extends the life of the clothing, as well as allows you to add your own personal touch to your wardrobe.


I hope these simple tips helps in getting you more interested in the sustainable fashion movement. If you have tips and ideas of your own we would definitely love to hear them!




Your (Re)Cyclist


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